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    Custom & Wholesale Sapphire Nozzles Precision Parts

    Apex Waterjetting Technologies Inc. manufactures the highest quality sapphire, ruby and synthetic diamond nozzles and the highest level of quality control. We heat treat our nozzles and put the orifices through special processes to enhance the cohesion of the jet. Often our customers come to us with very unique needs for a product design. We begin with consultation and offer blueprinting services for your product. Our highly skilled team can design to your specification, based on your custom needs. Our manufacturing will complete the design with the final product that can be reproduced as a wholesale product. Apex Waterjetting Technologies Inc. manufactures only the best quality sapphire and ruby nozzles for use up to 90,000 psi. We are the manufacturers of precision high quality nozzles for waterjetting.

    Please call us for the best possible prices. Distributors are welcome.