APEX Waterjetting Global at ATSSA Expo 2024

Last ATSSA February 2023 several contractors asked us for a trailer-mounted vacuum recovery unit to use with the Curb Blaster. The message was it doesn’t make sense to send our 12-16 gpm unit out on a curb, parking garage, etc. The unit you see here is our 2024 introductory model. The units offered for sale have custom polypropylene tanks, customizable debris sizes, and two axles.
Below are a few pictures of the ATSSA 2024 booth starting with the APEX Team. From right to left: Ryan Kuckku (Operations Manager), Bob Kidd (Product Specialist), Dave Friday (President) & Luke Bates (Hughes Pump Technical Sales & Support). Thank you to everyone who came by and the interest in our ultra-high-pressure water jetting vac trailer, latest Curb Blaster and Stripe Blaster tools.

We want to equip YOU to do what YOU do best. In that spirit, we are eager to use our experience to meet your needs today in any way that makes sense.

Here is the video loop showing the StripeX 7000T trailer & the Stripe Blaster walk-behind in action.

Also shown was the latest version of the APEX Curb Blaster. Here is a video of the Curb Blaster on a curb right after the ATSSA Expo. We are continuing to tweak this tool with our contracting partners now.

If you have any questions about these products or others APEX could provide feel free to fill out the form below or call now 1-866-273-9109 Extention 704.

APEX manufactures and sells nozzles and hoses to support your water blasting operation. APEX manufactures OEM parts along with OEM-compatible replacement parts. For instance, here is a link to the Jetstream®-compatible parts and FLOW® Compatible parts offered. This is a walk-around of the booth this year with no narration or music.

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