APEX Waterjetting Automatic Pressure Compensator APC Feature Image

Automatic Pressure Compensator (APC) Overview & Demonstration

This is an APEX Waterjetting product called the APC (Automatic Pressure Compensator). We’ve developed and engineered this to be compatible with any pump up to 12 gallons per minute and 55,000 psi.

The purpose of the APC is to enable those operating pumps with wet shut-off or dump tumble boxes to run this tool in line, reducing operational costs by allowing the use of smaller, lighter, and more easily maintained dry shut-off tumble boxes and tooling.

Today, we’ve attached the APC to our Hughes UB30 pump. We’ll be bringing it up to pressure, aiming for 40,000 psi. You’ll see us adjust the air pressure on the APC slightly above 40 psi. When we pull the trigger at 40,000 psi on an air-rotated dry shut-off lance, you may notice a slight fluctuation, but overall, the pressure holds steady.

The beauty of the APC is its compatibility with various tooling configurations. You can use as many tools or jets as you want, divided however you prefer, without affecting the pressure, as long as you don’t exceed the total volumetric output of your pump. Whether you’re using one tool with one gallon per minute or another with six gallons per minute, the pressure remains constant, regardless of the number of triggers pulled.

This system eliminates the need to dump hot water near or on your work site, providing several advantages in terms of operational efficiency and safety.

Here is the complete demonstration video of the APEX APC.

More info on the APC product page: https://apexwaterjetting.com/product/automatic-pressure-compensator-55000-psi-12-gpm-air-actuated/

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