New Product Specialist Bob Kidd is Hughes Pumps Certified

In a significant stride towards achieving and maintaining excellence, APEX Waterjetting proudly announces that its new Product Specialist, Bob Kidd, has achieved factory certification at the prestigious Hughes Pumps corporate office and factory in West Sussex, England. With over 40 years of expertise in high-pressure pumps and over 20 years in ultra-high-pressure water blasting, Hughes Pumps provided a thorough training experience for Kidd.

During the certification process, Kidd expressed his enthusiasm, highlighting the advantages he sees in Hughes Pumps over competing brands.

Kidd noted, “The Hughes pump strikes a perfect balance… it’s positioned in the sweet spot between two leading brands of UHP pumps now on the market. Kidd particularly emphasized the favorable combination of extended scheduled maintenance intervals of the Hughes pump with the simplicity and ease of maintenance. “For the contractor who is looking for premium performance and low downtime, I believe Hughes offers the most viable choice in the market right now.”

“I am very happy with what I see in the Hughes pump,” said Kidd, underlining his confidence in the product. Beyond the technical aspects, Kidd commended every team member he encountered at Hughes Pumps, describing the experience as a pleasure.

Now officially Hughes Pumps certified, Bob Kidd is fully equipped to provide on-site training, service, and support. His expertise adds a valuable dimension to APEX Waterjetting’s commitment to equip YOU to do what YOU do best.

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