HPS 650

3,625-14,500 psi at 27.2-7.2 us gpm

APEX Part # HPS650

Standard Features:
  • 431 stainless steel pump head
  • Solid ceramic plungers with floating cross-head attachment
  • Interchangeable plunger kits
  • Hardened, alloy steel crankshaft with heavy-duty roller and steel-backed white metal main bearings, supported between each connecting rod
  • SG iron crankcase with splash lubrication, filtration and oil cooling
  • Forged connecting rods with low friction, shell-type big end bearings and lead bronze-lined small end bushes
  • Gear-driven, eliminating the need for belt drive
  • Safety Relief Valve
  • Overpressure Protection
Build Options:
  • 316 stainless steel pump head for seawater applications
  • Choice of gear ratio to suit diesel engine or electric motor drive
  • SAE adaptor housings (SAE 3, 4, or 5) for flange mounting the pump to a diesel engine flywheel housing or electric motor
  • Available without gearbox for low speed direct drive
  • 40mm stroke crankshaft for reduced flow / power
  • Bare shaft pump only or complete unit build
  • ATEX compliant
Operating Specifications:
  • Maximum Flowrate
    • 27.2 us gpm | 22.6 igpm at 3,625 psi (103 lpm at 250 bar)
  • Maximum Pressure
    • 14,500 psi at 7.2 us gpm | 6.0 igpm (1000 bar at 27 lpm)
  • Maximum Power
    • 65hp (48 kW)


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