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2023 ISO 9001 Audit Results

Sherwood Graham successfully leads APEX Waterjetting Global through another ISO-9001 audit and a year of operating to world-class quality standards. Here are comments from this year’s ISO auditor: SYSTEM EFFECTIVENESS: “[APEX has] an excellent issue tracking tool that address immediate needs and identifies those items that will be solvable at a later date.” “The managerial […]

Everyone Says They Deliver Quality – ISO 9001 Certification Discussion

Dave Friday & Sherwood Graham go in-depth in an extended conversation on 6 key questions regarding ISO 9001 Certification, its impact on APEX, and the benefit to APEX partners. 1. 02:19 What is ISO 9001 Certification2. 03:18 What is a QMS (Quality Management System)3. 05:33 Why does a QMS really matter?4. 08:36 Why did APEX pursue ISO 9001 Certification5. 12:21 What are the requirements to […]