Author: Lauren Waller

Enhancing Safety on Road and Runways with APEX Waterjetting

At APEX Waterjetting, we are clearly dedicated to serving various industries, but today, we want to focus on the specific needs of roads and runways. In this sector, pavement markings play a crucial role in creating safe environments for travelers. We currently provide replacement parts and consumable items for equipment that removes and maintains these […]

APEX Waterjetting Adds Twitter to Social Platforms

APEX Waterjetting Global is a provider of waterjetting solutions for various industries, including oil and gas, aerospace, marine, road and runway construction. With a focus on innovation, efficiency, and safety, APEX has built a reputation for delivering high-quality waterjetting services and equipment worldwide. To better connect with its customers and industry peers, APEX Waterjetting Global […]

ATSAA Expo and Conference 2023

The ATSAA Expo and Conference held in Phoenix in February 2023 was an exciting and informative event that brought together industry experts, manufacturers, and suppliers from around the world. The conference featured a wide range of cutting-edge products and services that promise to revolutionize the way we work in the roadway safety industry. One such […]

APEX Waterjetting Sponsors 2022 Snow Symposium

Hello everyone, APEX Watejetting sponsored the 2022 Snow Symposium app. We hope you enjoy the app experience but please share your feedback. APEX Currently Offers… Water Blasting Tools Walk Behinds Pumps & Systems Water Blasting Parts Nozzles We provide nozzles for 40–55k UHP Water Blasting equipment. Fittings We provide fittings for 40–55k UHP Water Blasting equipment. Hoses We provide hoses for 40–55k UHP Water […]


APEX Waterjetting Global has one demo pump available for sale and immediate delivery between now and December 31, 2021. Save BIG on this brand new 40,000 psi (2750 bar) 6.5 gpm (24.6 lpm) pump! Call 1-866-273-9109 Erica (Ext. 711) or Joe (Ext 701) or email today for details including a combo promotion for tools, hose, and […]

What Dave Friday & the APEX Team Means by “Fair Deal”

Hello everyone, For the past few weeks, we have been talking about the advantages of doing business with the APEX Waterjetting team. We’ve talked about our commitment to same-day shipping of parts, providing expert technical support along with a commitment to run our business with a quality management system,  which we have chosen ISO 9001:2015 standard. The […]

APEX Waterjetting Delivers

APEX Waterjetting manufactures to ISO 9001 standards. APEX also commits to offer premium quality replacement parts, fast shipping, and a built-in continuous improvement process. This commitment was recently tested when a weekend call came into APEX Waterjetting with a valued customer in a panic. He had an urgent project to complete and could tell that […]