An Unforgettable Experience at Hughes Pumps’ Open Day in the UK

Last week, on September 7th, APEX Waterjetting, the exclusive dealer for Hughes Pumps in the USA, had the privilege of attending a remarkable event hosted by Hughes Pumps in the United Kingdom. Dubbed the “Hughes Pumps Open Day,” this event was a perfect combination of business and fun!

Thursday kicked off with an extensive tour of the Hughes Pumps factory, giving guests a firsthand look at the innovative technology and processes behind the ISO-9001 certified Hughes brand. From engineering to quality control, it was an impressive look into the heart of an industry leader in high-pressure (HP) and ultra-high-pressure (UHP) pump manufacturing.

Following the factory tour, attendees gathered for a delightful lunch of local cuisine. During this time, and throughout the entire event, relationships were forged, experiences shared, and ideas exchanged among the dealers and guests from all corners of the world.

Another highlight of the day was the live demonstrations of HP and UHP pumps and tooling. Witnessing these cutting-edge machines in action was impressive and educational.

But the excitement didn’t end with the days events of course. Those fortunate enough to extend their stay were in for a treat. On the following day, attendees, including our own Dave Friday, embarked on a one-hour tube ride to London to explore the iconic sights of the city.

A riverboat ride provided a unique perspective on London’s historical landmarks, including the London Eye, the Tower of London, and the majestic London Bridge. It was a picturesque experience that allowed everyone to appreciate the rich history and architectural beauty of the city.

The adventure continued with lunch on the 36th floor of the Walkie-Talkie Building. Overlooking the city, attendees savored a delicious meal while engaging in lively conversations. The view was as spectacular as the company, making it a memorable occasion.

As the day unfolded, attendees explored more of London’s treasures, from the vibrant streets of Chinatown to the cozy atmosphere of a traditional London pub. It was an immersive experience that showcased the diversity and charm of the city.

In conclusion, the Hughes Pumps Open Day was more than just an industry event; it was a celebration of collaboration, innovation, and friendship. APEX Waterjetting would like to extend its heartfelt thanks to Phil, Luke, Jenny, and the entire Hughes team for orchestrating a truly fantastic event.

In the end, it’s not just about business; it’s about the people, the experiences, and the memories created along the way. The Hughes Pumps Open Day will remain in our minds as an over-the-top awesome experience.

Thank you, Hughes Pumps. Here’s to the future of innovation and partnership!

* Here are a few clips captured of the event.

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