Hughes Pumps Open Day

APEX is Attending Hughes Open Day

On Thursday, September 7th, 2023, Dave Friday with APEX Waterjetting will attend Hughes Pumps Open Day at their factory in West Sussex, United Kingdom.

Dave is excited not only to experience what Phil Cranford and the Hughes team have lined up, but also to network and share the APEX product line with the network of Hughes Pumps dealers.

Hughes Pumps will be demonstrating a variety of different Hughes equipment, and will also have guests lined up for attendees. Below you can find everything planned up to this point. If you would like to attend, please fill out the form at this link.

  • A demonstration of the Hughes HP65 pump (25lpm at 1000bar). At 65HP, this is Hughes smallest 1000bar pump. This will be demonstrated with a dump gun and rotary surface cleaning nozzle. The datasheet details page offers more information about this pump. Click HERE to view.
  • A demonstration of their Ultrabar 30 DRT (30lpm at 2800bar) with a dump gun and surface preparation nozzle. Click HERE to view the datasheet.
  • A demonstration of the new 3000bar pressure adjusting/dump valve
  • A demonstration of the HP500 (200lpm at 1000bar). At 500HP this is Hughes largest 1000bar pump. This will be demonstrated with a DERC Salotech large diameter pipe cleaning nozzle.
  • They also hope to have ready the newly designed HP220 DS (50lpm at 1400bar), diesel driven, skid mounted unit. This project is still in progress in their engineering department with design criteria including; a brand new 1400bar pumphead design to reduce cost and delivery times as well as increase maintenance intervals.

DERC Salotech will be joining to demonstrate some of their water jetting accessories. The demonstrations will show off what their products are capable of. They will talk about the performance of the below accessories and answer any questions you may have.

The DERC MagTrack is a 4-wheel, state of the art, magnetic crawler for tank cleaning, ship hulls, and other steel surfaces. Paint and removed dirt like rust and other pollution is easily collected with the vacuum dome, leaving almost no water on the surface. This makes a quick application of the required paint system possible. It includes wireless remote control for easy operation from a safe working distance for the operator.

The abrasive cutting system is easy to use and flexible to adjust to the application. The so called “cold cutting” is the solution to all industrial tank and pipe cutting tasks.

Kelly tanks will also be part of the open day. Kelly will attend to talk about their HPC pH control system as well as another system

HPC pH Control System

A simple solution for retaining solids and correcting pH in waste water
Water Treatment system with Absorption Sack to capture solids, pH electrode to test pH level and mixer and dosing unit to correct pH.

  • pH electrode & dosing system to control pH
  • Simple to set up, empty and operate
  • Solids are retained in sack

You’re Invited!

Join Dave Friday for Hughes Pumps Open Day on Thursday 7th September 2023.

If you would like to attend please submit your information on the Hughes website to secure a space. Spaces are limited for this event, so book now to avoid disappointment.

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