APEX Waterjetting Continues to Build

Before we share updates about APEX, the team would like to send our best wishes to every company in our industry during this unusual year. This year has given us all our own set of challenges and our hope is that we all come out better than we were before.

This time last year, APEX Waterjetting Global made the announcement that we were in the process of building the “engine” of our company and even brought a cherry red Ford GT to the 2019 WJTA Expo in New Orleans to help illustrate it. The APEX engine building was specifically referring to the processes within the company, the parts and product that we sell and, most importantly, the right people.

With that in mind, we wanted to give a condensed update on these categories.

Regarding the processes that are executed within the company, it has been our vision and mission to build a solid foundation from day one so as the company grows, we scale systems and processes. We became ISO 9001:2015 certified in October, 2019, and we will remain committed to that very high-quality standard.

Regarding adding the right products, we have committed to add new products every month to our inventory and product offering now that we have built the right pieces of the foundation. The best way to stay up to date with the latest products available is to connect on one of our social media platforms or email list.

Regarding adding the right people, we would like to take this opportunity to give an honorable mention to three recently added and key team members.

Sherwood Graham – Executive Vice President 

Sherwood has over 25 years in operations management and consulting in the technology and manufacturing industries. We have already seen the benefits of a scalable, secure operations management strategy in our improved delivery process, standardized and improved quality, and greater value to our customers. You can reach Sherwood at Ext. 703 or [email protected]

Ron Irwin – Principal Design Engineer

Our engineering department is now directed by Ron Irwin. Ron brings a wealth of experience with prototyping, design for manufacturing, and Finite Element Analysis to our team. You can reach Ron at Ext. 707 or [email protected]

Scott McLeod – Field Sales & Support Manager

Scott McLeod is a master technician who has built and serviced hundreds of UHP water jetting systems. If you are contractor or industrial customer seeking maximum performance on your project(s), you will be pleased that Scott is a valued member of the APEX team. You can reach Scott at Ext. 705 or [email protected]

We appreciate the companies that have chosen to partner with APEX. We will continue to work tirelessly and with dogged determination to build a company that gives you quality through quality management, a fair deal, expert technical support and same-day shipping of parts.

Let’s connect today through apexwaterjetting.com or 1-866-279-9109 and continue to press on for the best 2020 possible.

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