APEX Waterjetting Delivers

APEX Waterjetting manufactures to ISO 9001 standards. APEX also commits to offer premium quality replacement parts, fast shipping, and a built-in continuous improvement process.

This commitment was recently tested when a weekend call came into APEX Waterjetting with a valued customer in a panic. He had an urgent project to complete and could tell that additional parts would be needed beyond what was typical.

Normally, and even when expediting all points in the order process, it would take at least four business days to deliver everything required to the job site given the location and complexity involved. The project was not yet shut down, but it was apparent that the parts were needed as quickly as possible.

The APEX team went to work to fulfill the requested order and offered an expedited plan to deliver!  Dave Friday, owner of APEX Waterjetting, also owns a single-engine airplane that emerged as an ideal, and possibly the only, solution to this problem. The Piper Saratoga was pulled out of the hanger, and the loading of the parts and the pre-flight checklist got underway.  By Sunday at noon the same weekend, Dave Friday landed at the customer site and handed off the needed parts. The customer’s water jetting operation continued as originally intended.

Friday says, “I can’t promise the exact story of same-weekend delivery to anywhere in the world, but I can promise the APEX team will do anything within our reach to equip our customers to do what they do best, which is our stated purpose.”

APEX Waterjetting Global designs, manufactures, sells and supports ultra-high-pressure water jetting systems, parts, tools and technology. We are known for precision manufacturing for over 20 years. Our offer is clear: A fair deal, expert technical support, same-day shipping of parts and a quality management system, ISO 9001:2015. 

For more information please contact Dave Friday, President, at 1-866-273-9109 Ext. 704 or [email protected]

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