APEX Waterjetting Highlights FLOW® Compatible Products This Month

APEX Waterjetting is featuring our FLOW compatible product line this month. We manufacture parts to ISO 9001 standards. Our commitment is to offer premium quality parts and a built-in continuous improvement process.

Any FLOW equipment user can benefit from viewing APEX’s product line. The FLOW compatible parts we offer include the following products: Husky 40K and 55K psi Pumps, HydroCat Robotics, A-3000 Jet Lance and Tumble Box, and Deck Hog.

In addition, APEX sells its own deck blaster that achieves a superior rate of production up to 55K psi. The APEX Deck Blaster will remove hard epoxy coatings, rubberized membranes, profiles and scarifies concrete, and it will achieve the desired surface profile per SSPC specifications. With the vacuum attachment, the metal surface is ready to prime immediately after the blasting operation. The unit can be operated by a single person.

Our technical sales and support manager, Joe Pollard, has over 25 years of experience in the field of FLOW compatible products. Thus, APEX provides a broader depth of technical knowledge and support of FLOW equipment than any other company in the industry.

APEX Waterjetting Global designs, manufactures, sells and supports ultra-high-pressure water jetting systems, parts, tools and technology. We are known for precision manufacturing for over 20 years. Our offer is clear: A fair deal, expert technical support, same day shipping of parts and a quality management system, ISO 9001:2015. Visit our online store at https://apexwaterjetting.com/shop

For more information please contact Dave Friday, President, at 1-866-273-9109 Ext. 704 or dave@apexwaterjetting.com

For technical support please contact Joe Pollard, Technical Support Manager, at 1-866-273-9109 Ext. 701 or joe@apexwaterjetting.com

To see the full press release, please view this link. To view the image, please see this link.

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