Roads and Runways

Enhancing Safety on Road and Runways with APEX Waterjetting

At APEX Waterjetting, we are clearly dedicated to serving various industries, but today, we want to focus on the specific needs of roads and runways. In this sector, pavement markings play a crucial role in creating safe environments for travelers. We currently provide replacement parts and consumable items for equipment that removes and maintains these critical pavement markings.

Our commitment to meeting customer demand is evident as we have listened to industry professionals at industry trade shows this year. Based on their feedback, we are diligently working on expanding our product range to better support road and runway owners and contractors.

Ultra-high-pressure water jetting offers significant advantages for removing pavement markings and preparing surfaces for new material application, such as paint and thermoplastic materials. Additionally, water jetting or water blasting excels at removing rubber deposits left by aircraft tires upon landing. On average, large aircraft leave behind 1 pound of rubber per landing, necessitating regular rubber removal to maintain proper friction levels for safe aircraft landings.

In response to industry needs, we are evolving from merely providing replacement and consumable items to offering comprehensive solutions. We value our customers’ satisfaction, and our goal is to equip you with top-quality products at fair prices, along with expert technical support and same-day shipping.

APEX Waterjetting embraces industry feedback and will soon share exciting updates publicly. For now, we are here to support you and enhance safety in the road and runway industries. Together, we can provide safer travel experiences.

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