APEX Waterjetting Same Day Shipping Ryan Kuckku

Same-Day Shipping of Parts

Same-day shipping of parts is a focus and brand commitment from APEX Waterjetting Global to our customers.

A large percentage of APEX team members have had the opportunity to work on the contracting side of the business. Naturally, this provides us with the perspective of our customers and what is faced in the real day-to-day world.

Whether you are a contractor that plans well in advance to equip your jobs or one that waits until the last minute we understand the value in having the inventory on the shelf and a process to get those parts out the door the same day they are requested.

We are not making a commitment to have every part anyone in the water blasting world would need of course. What we do mean is the parts we have committed to manufacture and have in our catalog we will maintain sufficient inventory to fulfill this brand commitment.

If there are items we don’t currently stock that would be helpful to you just let your contact at APEX know.

Ryan Kuckku, our Operations Manager, oversees the departments and processes to fulfill this part of our brand commitment and we appreciate his diligent work! Thank you Ryan!

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